Friday, January 25, 2013

Exciting News for MLCS and Math Lit!

We're back in the swing of things at our school, entering our second week of the semester and our fourth semester of piloting MLCS.  Things are never dull on the pathways front.  I'm waiting for more information that I'll post soon on the blog, but until then, here's a sneak peek:

Online MLCS Training
Heather and I will be teaching an online course this summer about teaching pathways courses like MLCS.  It will be 4 weeks and in June.  If you're thinking about teaching MLCS but want much more detailed help and the chance to talk to other educators in the same boat, this course is for you.  Plus, you don't have to travel!  This will be a great opportunity for faculty or administrators prior to a pilot or for schools who want a more detailed look at pathways courses than a webinar or presentation can provide.  

Registration information will be posted on the blog soon.

If there is interest, we will teach the online course on a regular basis.  I'm very grateful to be asked to do this by a company that can facilitate online classes like this.  Doing so allows us to offer the training on a large scale that we have heard so many requests for.  We will continue to do face-to-face workshops but it is hard to reach all the schools who want more help.  The online course will help that issue greatly.

We are committed to making MLCS possible at any school and have worked to make that happen through education, materials, training, and support.  Schools that class test with our materials are eligible for webinars with Heather and me to get their questions answered and brainstorm solutions to challenges.

Would you be interested in a discussion board about MLCS and/or the Math Lit book?  Email me or post in the comments if you are.  I can set up a discussion board that would be free and allow us to have an ongoing dialogue and resource for schools.

More to come soon!