RVC Developmental Math Redesign in a Nutshell

RVC Developmental Math Model 2011 (PDF packet)

Comprehensive (redesigned placement, advising, courses, instruction, support, and program organization)

Non-grant funded

Not lab based

No self-paced classes

Uses direct instruction for 70% of courses, computer assisted for 20%, and fully online for 10%

Computer assisted courses use same pace, meet in a lab, have lecture then work on computers

MyMathLab is required using the same course shell for each course

All course policies are standardized

Mandatory testing and placement

Comprehensive departmental final exam

Most algebra courses are cut in half, called 8 week modules

Each module picks up where the previous one left off

In-course, online, and face-to-face advising

Use MyMathTest to improve placement scores

Departmental manual as well as regular training provided for all faculty teaching the courses

Custom materials written for activity based geometry course

Currently adding the Quantway course Mathematical Literacy for College Students to provide an accelerated option for non-STEM students

Average pass rates went from 48% (pre-redesign) to consistently 65-70% now

Students perform better in college level classes coming out of redesigned courses than original courses showing that standards have not been reduced.

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