Friday, August 9, 2013

Instructor support for Math Lit

In the Math Lit book, we've provided many supports for the instructor to make teaching the MLCS course easier and more enjoyable.  The preface explains the philosophy of the book and approach taken to develop content.  In the annotated instructor's edition of the text, we've included all the answers as well as detailed notes and tips for teaching the lesson.  There is also an Excel appendix and an instructor appendix in the back of the book.  Included in the appendix are broad notes for each lesson as well as a time estimate for the lesson, any materials needed, objectives covered, and tips for success.  Rubrics for grading the focus problems are also included.  Additionally, there is cycle-level support for the instructor including pacing information, tips on creating groups, and assessment.

Additionally, we have written an Instructor's Solution Manual and an Instructor's Resource Manual.  Both are available electronically within the MyMathLab course.  The Instructor Resource Manual includes:
  • A sample course syllabus for an MLCS course
  • Templates to help students write focus problem solutions
  • Rubrics to use when grading focus problems
  • Two quizzes for parts one and two of each cycle, including group quizzes
  • Two exams for each cycle
  • A comprehensive final exam
  • Answers to all quizzes, exams, and final exam
The Instructor's Solution Manual contains detailed solutions to all homework and cycle wrap-up problems in the book.

Also, the MyMathLab course is a Ready-To-Go course, meaning that it has premade homework assignments and quizzes.  To copy it, just search for 'Math Lit' or 'Almy' or 'Foes' within the Create/Copy Course option.

A TestGen database is available for instructors who would like to pick and edit test questions.

For those who want to teach an online or flipped or hybrid version of MLCS, we are creating videos to support the text.  A new version of the Math Lit MyMathLab course will be released in June 2014 with these videos embedded in the etext.

Edited 2/18/14

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