Friday, June 29, 2012

What is MLCS? An Overview

Since the course is so new, I get a lot of questions about MLCS.  From large scope questions to issues about factoring, faculty want to understand this course in all aspects.  I give presentations regularly, but those slides that are posted on this blog are missing details that are presented verbally.  So I've created a short slideshow to overview the course with all the details necessary to understand the slides included within the document. 

Because you may want more information, I've also attached a sampler packet with the following items:
  • Contact information
  • Overview of MLCS project and history
  • Course objectives and outcomes
  • Topics in each unit of the course
  • Implementation options and tips
  • 3 sample lessons (1 instructor version with instructor notes in red and 2 student versions)
NOTE:  Two of the lessons included use chemistry as a context.  While chemistry is occasionally used in the text, it does not appear frequently.  Also, no chemistry knowledge is assumed on the part of the instructor or students.

A professionally designed sampler will be available later this fall through Pearson.

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