Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AMATYC Workshop Handouts

Below is the packet we used during our workshop on MLCS.  It contains the course description as it is being used in Illinois, topics in each unit, implementation options, and a sample lesson.  Based on your state or needs, some topics and lessons can be omitted without a negative impact.  We are using a big version of this course (6 credit hours) but it is easily scaled down to a fewer objectives and credit hours.

One of the things we talked about during the workshop was the trouble Heather and I had when choosing a sample lesson.  We can't pick just one lesson that encompasses all the great facets of this course.  So this lesson does not contain theory that is being developed.  It comes after a lesson with theory.  But it does showcase the relevance, difficulty, and multiple approach process we use when developing the content.  Also, the homework with the lesson looks brief.  However, it isn't if the student works all the problems as intended.  Also, there are other components to the homework not shown here such as online homework.

Keep in mind that the lessons are still being edited and are not in their final forms.  But they still give you a taste of our approach.  Looking at the presentation below will also give you more snapshots of how we approach the content.

MLCS AMATYC 2011 Workshop

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