Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tools for adjuncts

Long time no post!  I've just returned from a talk on how to bring a course redesign idea to life.  There are so many great ideas out there (just Google for ideas) on course redesign for any level of mathematics.  Picking an idea really isn't the hard part.  It's when you want to make those changes that the work really starts.  For more information, check out the presentation on the left under Documents.

But the title of this post is "tools for adjuncts" so it would be best to provide some.  At this presentation, I showed our developmental math manual.  It's also available at the left under Documents.  This is probably one of the best resources we have to help assist our program. 

So what's in it?

The idea of the manual is to be a one stop shop for anything related to the program.  So pacing charts, course information, MyMathLab information, MML master course IDs, study skills tips, placement information, program information and much more is available.  Having a ready resource is really helpful when your program has many components, as ours does. 

If you're interested in this idea, think about what your adjuncts need that you provide repeatedly.  Putting that information and any related documents in one place (print, online or both) can make your program operate more consistently.

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