Thursday, November 11, 2010

Greetings from Boston!

I'm in Boston at the AMATYC national conference giving a presentation on our school's redesign.  The presentation is at the left but you can also access it by clicking here.  Once you click the link, I suggest using the download feature so that you get all the graphics. 

The pass rates listed in the document are up to date as of 2 weeks ago.  I often get questions about our numbers and how they vary slightly (usually 1-3%) from various presentations.  This is because I'm always updating them with the new numbers after a term has passed.  If anyone wants specific numbers broken down by course, semester, and even 8 weeks, I can provide those.  We have so many variables that presenting them succinctly is quite challenging.  For example, every course is offered every 8 weeks so we're not only looking at a bevy of courses but when they're offered.  I'm happy to share details if there is interest.

This is an exciting conference with great people, sessions, and opportunties.  If you haven't had a chance to attend, consider AMATYC in Austin next year.

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