Monday, February 18, 2013

MyMathLab demo now available for Math Lit

If you'd like to see what the MyMathLab course will look like for our book, Math Lit, you can preview it by creating a course in MyMathLab.  Go to "Create/Copy Course" and search by the book name or Almy or Foes.

Click on any graphic below to enlarge it for easier viewing.

Once it is copied, this is what you'll see.

We use MML for the skill component of the course so that students can practice all the skills that are developed in a way that will help them develop mastery.  Additionally, an ebook is available as well answers to the conceptual homework in the text.

To guide students through the book structure, tabs correlating to cycle parts are available, each with the set of steps students complete to learn a lesson.  They include participating in the lesson, doing MML homework, and doing conceptual homework with answers provided for checking their work.

Within the instructor resources is a link to the Instructor Appendix, a document that supports instructors in teaching the course, cycle, and lessons.  Additionally, there is a link to a webinar I gave about the MLCS course.

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