Friday, March 22, 2013

Handouts from ICTCM and a video link

Below are the handouts from the talk we gave at ICTCM today since we ran out.  They include objectives from the course, a sample lesson, flowcharts to show possible implementation options, and a flyer for the book Math Lit with the unit structure and math topics listed.

The presentation today was brief and therefore it did not have as much detail as we often use.  To compensate for that, I've included a youtube video below the handouts of a similar but more detailed version of the presentation we gave today.  If you have questions, please email me.

This video was recorded in September 2012 so several things have changed since then.  The book is almost finished and is coming out in July of this year.  It will have a full MyMathLab course using Pearson's new design, releasing this summer.  A sample MyMathLab course already exists.  Please search for the book title, Math Lit, in MyMathLab to create a course.  Several schools have been class testing our materials and interim MML course over the past academic year.  We have conducted several workshops and plan to do more with training.  We will be offering an online training course in June using the LMS Canvas.  Registration information will be posted on this blog next month.

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