Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Math Lit FAQ: Is there enough algebra in Math Lit for students to be successful in intermediate algebra?

Answer:  Yes!

Math Lit was designed to have a substantial amount of algebra so that students have multiple options after the course, including intermediate algebra.  Most of our students do not head that way, but those who do are successful.  Math Lit has almost all of the beginning algebra skills except for trinomial factoring and solving/graphing linear inequalities.  Even though most MLCS students take general education math or statistics after the course, they can transition to intermediate algebra if they so desire.  They do not have to go back to beginning algebra.

Because some states have stringent intermediate algebra requirements, more algebra topics were incorporated into our book to allow schools to include the topics they need.  Systems, rational functions, radical functions, quadratic functions, and exponential functions are included.  The approach to all of these topics that are at the intermediate algebra level is one of modeling and application, not symbolic manipulation.  Students who go to a traditional intermediate algebra class after MLCS have seen all of these ideas at a deeper level and just get the additional manipulation skills necessary for STEM courses.

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