Monday, July 12, 2010

Geometry? Check!

Problem:  Illinois requires Geometry prior to taking college level math.  Since we're one of the four states in the country with this issue, there are virtually no books to choose from and certainly no online courses for use.  Many schools use high school texts but there are multiple problems with them (pacing, distracting pictures, level of content, etc.).  We need something written for an adult student who's not trying to repeat high school.  It needs to have the right balance of theory and practice and be paced for a semester length 3 or 4 credit hour course.  It also needs to take into account the small amount of time we have in class, time that's best not spent copying definitions and theorems.

Solution:  See below.  Both are being published by Pearson Custom currently.  In addition to the student toolkit and instructor manual is an online MathXL course with homework for each lesson as well as a cumulative course review.

Beyond developmental geometry, these books can also be used for Geometry for Elementary Teachers classes because the focus is active learning and understanding geometry.  Students are a part of the development of the theorems and formulas used. 

To see samples, click here:   student toolkit sample chapter 
instructor's resource manual sampler.

If you have questions or would like a copy, let me know.  My rep will be happy to share.

 Product descriptions:

Geometry: A Toolkit for Success

This toolkit provides your students all the resources they need to be successful in geometry. Each class period is composed of problem solving and critical thinking from a geometric perspective. Most pages feature a helpful 2 column format with guided notes on one side and examples and problems on the other. Two column proofs are included; however, the instructional focus is on reasoning and applying geometric principles. Active learning, measurement, and hands on methods are featured throughout.

MathXL assignments accompany nearly every section. For certain concepts, a page in the toolkit is available to use for homework.

While any geometry textbook can be used as a reference, the book has been written to reference Geometry: Fundamental Concepts and Applications by Alan Bass, Pearson Publishing.

Student resource pages include:

• 3 hole punched pages for use in a binder
• Guided class notes
        o Worksheets for each class period with activities, theorems, problems, and definitions
• Perforated cardstock flash cards for 240 geometry definitions
• List of key theorems and formulas
• List of key geometry notation

An instructor resource manual accompanies the toolkit and includes the following:

• Annotated worksheets with answers to accompany student worksheets
• Pacing guides
MathXL master course with assignments for each section
• Sample tests
• Notes from the class test to assist all instructors including those new to teaching geometry and adjunct instructors

ISBN for Toolkit: 0558779948

ISBN for bundle (Toolkit, Bass book, MathXL code): 9780558677527

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