Tuesday, April 24, 2012

MLCS webinar today is open to anyone

Webinar update:  You do not need to be registered to participate in the webinar today.  Just click the link below at the appropriate time.  There will be a packet available to you with a sample lesson and much more information about MLCS if you attend.

To enter the webinar, go to http://muskegoncc.adobeconnect.com/amatyc17/.

Notes from the webinar organizer:

The webinar is today, Tuesday, April 24 at
3:00pm EDT / 2:00pm CDT / 1:00pm MDT / 12:00pm PDT
We will begin AT these times, so please try to show up a few minutes early to make sure your sound is working properly.
All you need to attend the webinar is a computer with Internet and speakers or headphones. You do not need to have a microphone. Questions during the webinar will be taken primarily by text.
If you are going to have a group at the webinar (which is fine), please make sure you also have a projector and speakers for the computer. Please ask one person to be the "spokesperson" for the group in the chat window and relay comments from all group members.
Ask to enter as a guest - you do not need a username or password. It may take up to 30 seconds for us to "clear" your entry, so please be patient.
Adobe Connect might suggest you download and install a small file to make the webinar software run more smoothly. Please don't be alarmed when/if this happens. 

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