Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Math Lit MyMathLab course!

Long time, no blog!  I apologize for not blogging during the summer, but I have something to hopefully make up for it.  Earlier this month Pearson released a new version of the Ready-to-go MyMathLab course for Math Lit.  It contains some great new resources for students and instructors.


For the instructor, we created a series of twelve, brief videos that can be used for training purposes.  These videos can help an instructor with planning and teaching a math literacy course with the book Math Lit.  The videos are available within a new tab in MyMathLab called Instructor Resource Videos.  They are also linked through the ebook's preface.

Video topics:

A Typical Day
Book Structure
Focus Problems
Lesson Features
Cycle Wrap-Up
Teaching with Excel
Tour of MyMathLab
Top 10 Tips
Instructor Support


For students, we created many videos to assist with the skills in the text.  These videos are designed to support the skills in the book but using the techniques and philosophy that we wrote the book with.  Every A Closer Look mini-lecture has videos that accompany all the examples and practice problems (see picture at left).  This allows an instructor to assign the Closer Looks for outside of class in order to have time for the problem solving problems in class.

The student videos are available in the Multimedia Library, linked throughout the ebook, and listed on the lesson pages within the MyMathLab course.


By request, a factoring appendix will soon be added to the MyMathLab course.  It will contain skill problems for all types of factoring including greatest common factor, sum/difference of cubes, difference of two squares, and trinomials (a = 1 and a not equal to 1).  Solving quadratic equations by factoring and applications using factoring will also be included.  This provides schools that want to include factoring a way to assign problems easily.

For a list of the existing resources in the MyMathLab course, check out this blog post.

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